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[edit] Prologue

You (Holmes or Watson) are called on by Inspector LeStrade to help solve the Heist of the British history museum where personal items and many Egyptian artifacts were taken. A suspect is in custody, a Mr. Gerald O'Flanagan, but you know he is innocent. All you need to do is prove it!

As Watson, you read up on the newspapers and witness statement and interview the suspect. Insuring him that you think he's innocent is the only way to get him to open up to your questions. You find out that Tom Hunter, the head of security for the affair, sent O'Flanagan away just before the robbery, making him (since the thieves were Irish), the prime suspect.

As Holmes, you use your powers of perception and wit to locate the thieves' hideout and search it for clues, coming up with nothing but a torn map of the museum

[edit] Chapter One

[edit] Chapter Two

[edit] Chapter Three

[edit] Chapter Four

[edit] Chapter Five

[edit] Chapter Six

[edit] Chapter Seven

[edit] Chapter Eight

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